Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

We started off our Christmas season by decorating a gingerbread house. I was in charge of the icing. Gavin was in charge of the candies and Matt, well, he was in charge of his iPhone.

The finished product - 1 hour later

The next day Gavin decided he wanted to read to Cael. Gavin has become an excellent reader and just sat down and read Cael books that he had never read before. He read each word perfectly, pretty impressive and possibly the sweetest time I've spent with the boys together so far. Cael stayed awake for awhile but eventually was put to sleep by the time Gavin had read the 5th book.
On Christmas day Gavin's major gift from us were two hermit crabs. He named them Scooby Doo and Crystal. I think they are the creepiest pets ever, but he loves them and chases Jesse around the house holding them. Jesse is not too fond of the hermit crabs yet.

Cael got all dressed up for Christmas morning - this outfit only lasted for a few pictures. I couldn't make him wear it all day long. It looked a little girly.
Cael spent most of his Christmas asleep on Aunt Wendy and every other relative that wanted to snuggle with him.